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Omega EFA Capsules are a concentrated fatty acid dietary supplement for the skin of small and medium breeds of dogs and cats. Contains Eicosapentanoic acid, linolenic acid and decahexanoic acid. 
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Regular Strength for Small/Medium Dogs, 250 Cnt
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Regular Strength for small/medium dogs 90 cnt
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Xtra Strength for Medium & Large Dogs, 250 cnt
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Xtra Strength for Medium and Large dogs 90 cnt
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  • Promotes a shiny coat

  • Promotes a healthy skin

  • Maintains epidermal barrier function

Dosage and Administration of Capsule:

Regular Strength for Cats and Small to Medium Dogs: Recommended Dosage is one 1 capsule per 20 lbs. of body weight per day.

Xtra Strength for Large dogs: Recommended Dosage is one capsule per 50-70 lbs of body weight

The capsule may be punctured and the liquid contents squeezed onto the food if desired.

Active Ingredients:
Eicosapentanoic acid, gamma linolenic acid, decahexanoic acid, safflower oil, natural glycerin, d-alpha tocopherols vitamin E, and gelatin.

Nutritional information:


less than 5


less than 1 g


less than 1 g


1 g


*  For veterinary use only.

*  Keep out of the reach of children.

*  Store in a cool, dry place