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The Anti-LickStrip Prevent® is a unique bandage with medical-grade adhesive backing on one side and all-natural ingredients on the other.
The safe, outfacing all-natural active ingredients including cayenne pepper, oregano, lemon powder and clove oil effectively deliver powerful deterrents to the animal's nose when smelled and tongue when licked or bitten.

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*  Effectively deters licking or chewing behaviors
*  Protects hot spots
*  All natural active ingredients
*  Clinically proven

The moment you place the Anti-Lick Strip on your pet, he/she will be deterred from licking or biting the covered area. The Anti-Lick Strip is designed for use directly on your animal&rsquos fur.

Anti-Lick Strips can also being used for training purposes. When places on household items such as furniture legs, your pet will be deterred from licking and chewing these areas. Many people have found that it's better to have Anti-Lick Strips around the house rather than risk damaged household items


Preparation of the affected area:

1.  Gently brush affected area with soft grooming brush  to  remove loose hair and debris
2.  Wipe area with the enclosed alcohol prep pad prior to applying

Applying the Anti Lick Strip:

1.  Remove paper liner from back of Anti Lick Strip and discard
2.  Do Not Apply Directly to Open Wounds.  When an open wound is present, cover the wound with gauze before applying the Anti Lick Strip
3.  Apply Anti Lick Strip directly to pet's hair, adhesive side down and over lap approximately 1 onto itself Powder mixture should be visible and right side up  If one bandage will not overlap onto itself, use two bandages by overlapping the second to the first.
4.  The Anti Lick Strip is designed to fall off over a period of days.  If the animal still exhibits undesired behavior after the initial application, apply another strip immediately.

Depending upon the type of pet hair, the Anti Lick Strip may fall off before it is intended 1-3 days. In this case apply a new strip immediately.  Be sure affected area is clean.


Small: 11-20 lbs
Medium: 21-50
Large: 51-80


Should your pet continue to lick and chew the Anti Lick Strip while it is in use, your pet may have a more serious medical condition, see your veterinarian.

Active Ingredients:

Ground cayenne pepper, ground oregano leaf, lemon  powder, clove oil

Inactive Ingredients:

Hypoallergenic adhesive, nylon