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Vetericyn Animal Eye Gel is a specially formulated water-based gel used to treat irritated eyes and provide relief from infection, burning, stinging, itching, pollutants and other foreign materials. It contains a patented oxychlorine compound similar to that produced by the animal's immune system.

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3 oz bottle


*  It contains a patented oxychlorine compound similar to that produced by the animal's immune system.
*  It is steroid-free, antibiotic-free and does not contain alcohol.
*  It has the same pH as tear fluid, it is non-stinging and safe to use in and around the eye.
*  The cone-shaped applicator makes it easy to apply directly to the eye.
*  Superior to petroleum-based ointments because it will not stain, and is non-greasy.
*  Safe if licked or ingested by the animal and 100% biocompatible and non-toxic.
*  Kills bacteria in 30 seconds


Vetericyn Ophthalmic Gel should be administered topically to the animal's eye 2-4 times daily.


Store with cap tightly closed at room temperature. DO NOT FREEZE.


For use in animal eye only. Not for human use. Not for injection or internal use.


No special handling precautions required. Biodegradable and environmentally safe solution. No special disposal.


Electrolyzed Water 96.524%, Sodium Magnesium Fluorosilicate 3.000%, Sodium Phosphate 0.400%, Sodium Chloride 0.066%, Hypochlorous Acid 0.008%, and Sodium Hypochlorite 0.002%.

Manufactured by Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc., Bottled by Innovacyn, Inc., 3546 N. Riverside Ave, Rialto, CA 92377

Made in the USA.