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HomeoPet Skin & Itch Relief is a Homeopathic remedy provides temporary relief from constant scratching, itching, gnawing and hair loss caused by atopy or other allergic condition. Helps to detoxify the skin from the inside, leaving the coat thick and shiny.
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15 ml bottle
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Suggested Use :

Use 3 single doses daily to start and cut back with improvement of symptoms to twice daily and eventually once daily.
Remedy may be discontinued when symptoms are no longer present.

Pet Type Weight Daily Dosage

Dogs/Cats:Under 20 lbs / 10 kg    5 drops
Dog 20 - 100 lbs / 10 - 50 kg      10 drops
Dog Over 100 lbs / 50 kg            15 drops


Pulex Irritans 6c&30c
Rhus Toxicodendron 6c&30c
Staphysagria 6c&30c
Sulphur 6c&30c
Uritica Urens 6c&30c
Graphites 6c&30c in 20% USP alc. in purified water


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