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Actistatin Canine Soft Chews
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Actistatin Canine Soft Chews

Actistatin Soft Chews offers increased Glycosaminoglycan GAG absorption and are protected by two U.S. patents. Actistatin's technology gives patients the ultimate advantage in improved joint health. Actistatin contains all four Glucosamines, plus Chondroitin, Reservatrol, MSM, EFA Complex, and Omega 3-5-6. Actistatin has been clinically proven to have the best absorption rate, increase Hyaluronic Acid HA production, reduce overall pain scores, and improve range of motion in all clinical trials with no loading doses.
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Small Dog 975 mg 120 cnt
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Large Dog 2700 mg 60 cnt
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Large Dog 2700 mg 120 cnt
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Large Dog Soft Chews

Each 7.5 gram Large Dog Soft Chew Contains:

2710mg of Active Ingredients:

GLC formula 1505mg
Actistatin® 55mg
CMO 100mg
MSM 100mg
Type-II Collagen 40mg
L-Carnatine 10mg
Bromelain 10mg
Resveratrol 5mg
Grape seed extract 5mg
Flaxseed oil DHA, ALA, EPA Omega 3-6 400mg
Soybean Oil LA Omega 3-6 400mg
Marine Lipid concentrate Omega-3-6-9 80mg

Recommended Dosing Medium/ Large Dog:

Medium dogs 30-50lb 1 chew a day
Large dogs 50-100lb 2 chews a day
X-Large Dogs +100 3 chews a day

Small Dog Soft Chews

GLC formula 338.8mg
Actistatin® 19.8mg
CMO 36mg
MSM 36mg
Type-II Collagen 14.4mg
L-Carnatine 3.6mg
Bromelain 3.6mg
Resveratrol 1.8mg
Grape seed extract 1.8mg
Flaxseed oil DHA, ALA, EPA Omega 3-6 144mg
Soybean Oil LA Omega 3-6 144mg
Marine Lipid concentrate
Omega-3-6-9 28.8mg

Recommended Dosing Small Bites:

Small dogs

5-10lb 1 chew a day
11-20lb 2 chews a day
21-30lb 3 chews a day Complete Protection