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Rejuvenate Plus consists of estrified creatine specially formulated to restore and enhance the tissue levels of creatine, a natural and important amino acid for muscle and joint function. Rejuvenate Plus restores mobility naturally.
Individual responses vary noticeable improvements may be observed within 5-7 days.

Developed at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. 
VetapprovedRx's Dr. Miller DVM recommended product!

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How do I give Rejuvenate Plus to my dog?

The pills must be swallowed whole.

What if the dog chews the pills?

The Rejuvenate Plus&trade works better if it is absorbed though the stomach. It also is quite bitter tasting.

What if my dog does not like to swallow pills?

You can hide Rejuvenate Plus&trade is your dog's favorite snack, like a piece of cheese or a cut up wiener.

Can I mix Rejuvenate Plus into my dog's food?

It will still be bitter tasting to your dog and if it contacts water, Rejuvenate Plus&trade will start to lose it's effectiveness.

How is Rejuvenate Plus different than other muscle and joints supplements?

Most other supplements, like glucosamine, are building blocks that are used to repair the affected joint and these supplements take weeks or months to show benefits. Rejuvenate Plus&trade is a catalyst that starts the repair process as soon as it is absorbed into the affected cells and uses the building blocks that the body provides from high quality diets. For this reason, the benefits can be noticed in a few days.

What are the ingredients in Rejuvenate Plus?

Active Ingredient:

Creatine Ethyl Ester HCL 400mg/capsule

Inactive Ingredient:

Silicon Dioxide

Are there different levels of dosing for different levels of distress?

Yes, please see the chart below.
Always consult with your Veterinarian before starting or changing a dose.

Dog's Weight          Loading Dose       Maintenance Dose      Preventative Dose

20-40 lbs                   1 pill @ day       1 pill @ 2 days        1 pill @ 3 days
40-60 lbs                   2 pills @ day      1 pill @ day            1 pill @ 2 days
60-80 lbs                   3 pills @ day      2 pills @ day           1 pill @ day
80-120 lbs                 4 pills @ day      3 pills @ day           2 pills @ day

If you are using Rejuvenate Plus for small breeds, please see the dosage chart below:

Dog's Weight            Loading Dose        Maintenance Dose    Preventative Dose

under 10 lbs             1 pill @ day           1 pill @ 2 days         1 pill @ 3 days
11-20 lbs                2 pills @ day          1 pill @ day             1 pill @ 2 days
21-50 lbs                3 pills @ day          2 pills @ day           1 pill @ day

The loading dose is the starting point which must be continued until there is relief. In some advanced cases the dog must stay on the loading dose for life. The maintenance dose can be started after your Veterinarian has seen enough improvement. The preventive dose should be started before competing in a stressful event i.e. sled dog racing, flyball competition, 2 week back-country hiking etc. or if there is reason to believe that the dog is prone to hip dysphasia or other heredity joint problems.


Before reducing the dose or letting your dog increase exercise, please consult with your veterinarian.