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Vital Vs Topical Spray is for dogs, cats and horses.  It is effective for all irritated skin conditions including hot spots, itching, cuts, insect bites, scratches, wounds, punctures, burns, rashes, abrasions, skin fungus, rain rot, thrush, cinch fungus, lesions and wound odors.

Safe for use around eyes, mouth, nose and genitalia.
Safe for nursing mothers and puppies
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Non-irritating, tissue-friendly formula.
No rinsing required after application to animal.
Does not stain clothing or furniture after application.
No antibiotics, steroids, alcohols, iodine or tea tree oil.
Made in the USA.
Safe and effective on all farm animals including: Horses, Dogs, Puppies, Cats, Kittens, Birds, Ferrets, Llamas, Alpacas, Show Sheep, Cows & Pigs.


*Electrolyzed Water H2O: 99.7%, Sodium Chloride NaCl: 0.023%, Hypochlorous Acid HOCl: 0.007%


For external use on animals only. Not for use on humans. Do not mix products. Safe if licked by animal. Keep out of reach of children. Always consult with a veterinarian for systemic conditions.


Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight and heat. DO NOT FREEZE. After use seal or close dispenser.