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PON -Puppy Odor Neutralizer- Spray Neutralizes fecal and urine odors and cleans simultaneously. Removes urine and fecal stains on rugs and furniture and eliminates--does not mask--dog odors both from and on the dog because it actually breaks down urine and fecal matter, therefore eliminating the cause of odor. Useful in house-training puppies. Works immediately and will not stain.
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Urine and Fecal Stains:

Spray P.O.N. on stained area after 3-5 minutes blot with a paper towel. Process may be repeated on old stains. P.O.N. neutralizes odors and cleans simultaneously. P.O.N. may be used on rugs and other colorfast materials. P.O.N. will not stain.

As an aid in house breaking puppies:

Use as above. On heavily soiled areas, pick up as much of the feces and urine as possible. Remove sprayer and pour P.O.N. on the remaining stain so that it is completely saturated. Work in well with a scrub brush. P.O.N. eliminates the odor that attracts the puppy back to the accident spot along with the stain.

Doggie Odors:

Spray on the animal to remove fecal, urine and other stains causing unpleasant odors. After 3-5 minutes blot with paper towel. P.O.N. neutralizes odors quickly.


The use of ammonia or vinegar prior to using P.O.N. will greatly diminish P.O.N.' s ability to work. Old stains that have set may not respond to P.O.N. as dramatically as do new stains. If fabrics are suspected not to be colorfast, it is recommended that P.O.N. be tested first on an unexposed portion of the fabric prior to using on the stained area.