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Tagg The Pet Tracker
is a lightweight dog GPS device that attaches to most collars and lets you locate and track your dog using a computer or smartphone. The simple set-up procedure allows you to create your very own Tagg zone, the area where your dog spends most of his time. If your dog isn't in the zone, you'll know quickly and precisely where he is.
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Product Features:

What is in the kit:

Your purchase includes:
1 Tagg Tracker, 1 Docking Station, Collar Clip Assembly, and Power Kit
3 months of service
Tagg Pet Family Plan available for up to nine pets*
30 day refund policy


For best signal performance, the tracker should not be used on spiked, jeweled, or metal collars.

Computer and Internet Connection:

To keep track of your pet's location, a PC/Mac or Smartphone with one of the following browsers is required: Windows IE7 or above, Mozilla Firefox 3.x and Macintosh Firefox 3.x, or Safari 5. An Internet connection fees may apply is also required.

Tagg Tracker Size and Weight:

1.16 oz. Measuring 1.49inches x 3.18inches x .77inches

Tagg Tracker Water Resistance:

Your pet can wear the tracker all the time, even while swimming or bathing. The tracker is water-resistant, but should not be submerged for extended periods of time.

Pet Size: Tagg -- The Pet Tracker is only recommended for dogs that weigh 10 lbs or more.

Coverage Map: To view Tagg system coverage in your area, please see click this link:


Tagg Service Plan:

The first 3 months of service is included with the Tagg Tracker. After that, Tagg service is just $7.95/month. During the online activation process, a payment method will be required for automatic billing, which will begin once the included service has ended.
* No service commitment
* No activation fee *

Tagg Pet Family Plan Tagg

The Pet Tracker was designed to work with more than one pet. If you have multiple pets in your household that you would like to monitor with the Tagg service, you only need to buy the Add-a-Pet Tracker for each additional pet. Each Add-a-Pet tracker has a low monthly service charge of only $0.95 per month up to nine Add-a-Pet trackers.

How It Works:

Mobile App:

The Pet Tracker free mobile app is a convenient way to stay in touch with your pet. Find him on a map, track his whereabouts, and get driving directions to his current location, right from your mobile device. You can even find places nearby like vets, dog parks, and pet stores.

Find your pet fast with the Tagg map:

If your pet gets out, you can find his location quickly and easily on the Tagg map. And you don't even need to be near a computer. You can find your pet on the Tagg mobile website, the Tagg app, or text LOCATE to 52366, and we'll text you the address of his location. We'll even give you directions to your happy reunion. Millions of dogs from caring homes just like yours are lost each year. The Tagg system makes finding your dog quick and easy, so you can help keep him safe! 

Dog Tough:

Sure, the Tagg tracker has a contemporary design and a long battery life, but it's also made to handle all the jumping, running, digging, swimming, crawling, and sleeping your dog and put out. It's small, lightweight, and tough, worn anywhere and anyhow a healthy dog can go.


The Tagg system is one of the few dog GPS tracking products that goes above and beyond finding lost pets. Not only can you locate your dog through your computer or mobile device, you get a text or email if he leaves the Tagg zone. That means that before your dog can get into too much trouble, you can pick him up and bring him back home.

Note: The self-monitoring Tagg tracker even notifies you when its battery is low.
Note: The long-lasting battery can last up to 30 days, but actual battery life will vary based on usage patterns.


A different collar is available for cats.

Ever wonder where your cat goes?

Your cat is independent. He eats when he wants, sleeps when he wants, and leaves when he wants. But where does he run off to? The lightweight GPS cat tracking device attaches to most collars and let's you track your cat at any time of day using a computer or mobile device. The simple set-up procedure allows you to create your very own Tagg zone, the area your cat spends most of his time. If he explores too far from home, you get a text and email.

Functional Design:

Your cat may not care about contemporary design, but he does care about running from dogs, jumping off fences, and catching mice to leave on your doorstep. And the Tagg tracker was developed with all that in mind. It's small, lightweight, and tough. It can be worn at all times: indoors and outdoors. The tracker may not have nine lives, but it does have a long battery life.http://www.pettracker.com/support?showcoverage=true