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ProHepatic is a liver support formula for dogs and cats with no SAMe - reduces side effects/contraindications - and is especially beneficial for pets taking NSAIDs. Oxidation and membrane damage by free radicals occur in the cell pathology of nearly all liver diseases. ProHepatic is a potent antioxidant formulation that provides liver function support and protection from various causes of liver disease, including oxidation. The main ingredient is Siliphos, which is a complex of silybin, the main active constituent of milk thistle, and phosphatidylcholine. This bioavailable form of silybin is efficient in supporting glutathione levels and ProHepatic contains nearly three times the amount as compared with other veterinary liver support supplements.
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Milk thistle-based liver support can be given with food and fewer side effects/contraindications than SAMe

Especially beneficial for pets taking NSAIDs 

Competitively priced 

Main ingredients:

M/L Dog Cat/Sm Dog Silybin 90mg* 45mg*
Bioflavanol 20mg 10mg
Zinc 2mg 1mg
*Up to 3x the amount compared with other veterinary liver support supplements

Daily dosage:

Cats and Small Dogs: 1 - 15 lb. - 1 tablet 16 - 30 lb. - 2 tablets
Offer small tablet or crush and mix with food

Medium and Large Dogs: 16 to 30 lb. - 1 tablet 31 to 60 - 2 tablets 61 lb. + - 3 tablets

Vegetarian beef and cheese flavored chewable tablets