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DOUXO Maintenance Shampoo [Blue Label]  is a shampoo plus conditioner that provides gentle cleansing action. It preserves the surface lipidic film while safely nourishing, protecting and softening every type of skin and hair.The composition of Douxo Maintenance Shampoo allows an efficient elimination of the dirt, while preserving the cutaneous moisture as well as the surface lipidic film. This subsequently decreases occurences of irritations and assorciated seborrhea. the ingredients normalize the sebaceous secretions, soothing the irritation and restructuring the damaged epidermis. The combination of amino acids, minerals and natural conditioning agents leaves the hair shiny, soft, and easy to comb.
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Hypoallergenic cleansing bases
pH = 7
Source of fatty acids, peptides, and minerals
Leaves the hair shiny, soft, and easy to comb

Directions for use:

Wet the animal with warm water and apply a sufficient amount of Douxo Maintenance Shampoo to create a rich later. Massage the shampoo into the wet hair coat, lather freely. Leave on hair coat for a couple of minutes, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.