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Bitter Safe Mist discourages licking, biting and chewing. Apply to wounds, bandages, casts, hair or household furniture. Use as often as necessary. Will not interfere with wound healing some products contain ingredients intended to soothe inflamed or itchy skin.
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Non-toxic, foul-tasting topical product 

Each product may have slightly different label directions. If your veterinarian has given you directions, follow these.

General directions:

Clean and dry affected area. Apply generously where licking/chewing needs to be discouraged. Re-apply as necessary.


Hold spray 3-4 inches from affected areas. Part hair coat to allow spray to reach the skin. Safe for use on dogs and cats. May be used on dry or damp coat. Apply as often as needed. Do not spray near the eyes. This product is not sterilized. Do not apply or use in deep wounds, burns or in body cavities.