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Drontal Plus for dogs is a prescription product that treats hook worms, whip worms and tape worm infections.

For dogs weighing over 2 lbs and 3 weeks of age.
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22.7mg tablet
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68mg tablet
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136mg tablet
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**Note: This product requires a veterinarian's prescription to purchase.At checkout you will need to provide your veterinarian's FAX or email address. We will then send him or her a prescription verification that he or she will need to sign and return before we can ship you this product.

Product Uses

Drontal Plus Tablets are indicated for removal of tapeworms Dipylidium caninum, Taenia pisiformis, Echinococcus granulosus, Echinococcus multilocularis and removal and control of, hookworms Ancylostoma caninum, Uncinaria stenocephala, roundworms Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina, and whipworms Trichuris vulpis in dogs.

Product Contains

praziquantel, pyrantel as pamoate, febantel

Dosage and Administration

Weigh the dog before treatment and administer Drontal Plus tablets as a single oral treatment at the following dosage:
Drontal Plus Tablets for Puppies and Small dogs 2-25lbs: 1 tablet per 5-7lbs
Drontal Plus Tablets for Medium Sized dogs 25-60lbs: 1 tablet per 26-30lbs
Drontal Plus Tablets for Large dogs >45lbs: 1 tablet per 45-60lbs.
Tablets may be halved for more accurate dosing.

Tablets may be given directly by mouth or offered in a small amount of food. Fasting is neither necessary nor recommended prior to or after treatment.

For control of Echinococcus multilocularis, a program of regular Drontal Plus treatment every 21 to 26 days may be indicated.

Warnings, Side Effects and Drug Interactions

Drontal Plus should not be used in puppies less than 3 weeks of age or dogs weighing less than 2 lbs. Drontal Plus should not be used in pregnant animals.

Vomiting, soft stools and elevated liver enzymes have been observed in dogs overdosed with this medication.


Drontal Plus Tablets should be stored at controlled room temperatures between 59-86°F 15-30°C.


Bayer HealthCare LLC, Animal Health Division