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Comfortis 10-20 lbs: Flea Prevention For Dogs -VetApprovedRx.com
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Comfortis is the first FDA-approved, chewable, beef-flavored tablet that kills fleas and prevents flea infestations on dogs for a full month.
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**Note: This product requires a veterinarian's prescription to purchase.At checkout you will need to provide your veterinarian's FAX or email address. We will then send him or her a prescription verification that he or she will need to sign and return before we can ship you this product.


Starts killing fleas within 30 minutes and provides month-long flea protection

Kills fleas before they can lay eggs

The convenience of a chewable, beef-flavored tablet

Along with fast-acting, month-long flea protection,

Comfortis offers these additional benefits:

With Comfortis, you can play with your dog immediately after treatment.

No need to isolate pets. Just treat and play.

Because Comfortis is administered orally, there's no risk of application site reactions.

Comfortis won't stain carpeting, upholstery or clothing.

Comfortis can't be rubbed or shaken off.

Dosage and Administration:

COMFORTIS chewable tablets are given orally once a month, at the recommended minimum dosage:

Dogs: 13.5 mg/lb 30 mg/kg

Cats: 22.5 mg/lb 50 mg/kg

Recommended Monthly Dosage Schedule:


2 to 4 lbs . . . 90 mg yellow box - one tablet
4.1 to 6 lbs . . . 140 mg pink box - one tablet
6.1 to 12 lbs . . . 270 mg orange box - one tablet
12.1 to 24 lbs . . . 560 mg green box - one tablet


3.3 to 4.9 lbs . . . 90 mg yellow box - one tablet
5 to 10 lbs . . . 140 mg pink box - one tablet
10.1 to 20 lbs . . . 270 mg orange box - one tablet
20.1 to 40 lbs . . . 560 mg green box - one tablet
40.1 lbs to 60 lbs . . . 810 mg blue box- one tablet
60.1 to 120 lbs . . . 1620 mg brown box - one tablet

Dogs over 120 Ibs and Cats over 24 lbs should be administered the appropriate combination of tablets.
Administer COMFORTIS chewable tablets with food for maximum effectiveness. COMFORTIS is a chewable tablet and is readily consumed by dogs when offered by the owner just prior to feeding.
Alternatively, COMFORTIS chewable tablets may be offered in food or administered like other tablet medications.
COMFORTIS chewable tablets should be administered at monthly intervals. If vomiting occurs within an hour of administration, redose with another full dose. If a dose is missed, administer COMFORTIS chewable tablets with food and resume a monthly dosing schedule.
Treatment with COMFORTIS chewable tablets may begin at any time of the year, preferably starting one month before fleas become active and continuing monthly through the end of flea season. In areas where fleas are common year-round, monthly treatment with COMFORTIS chewable tablets should continue the entire year without interruption. To minimize the likelihood of flea reinfestation, it is important to treat all animals within a household with an approved flea protection product.


There are no known contraindications for the use of COMFORTIS chewable tablets. Federal USA law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian Warnings: Not for human use. Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children.


COMFORTIS chewable tablets are for use in cats, dogs, kittens and puppies 14 weeks of age and older

Adverse Reactions:

The most common adverse reaction is vomiting.  Other possible reactions are: depression/lethargy, decreased appetite, incoordination, diarrhea, itching, trembling, excessive salivation and seizures.

Mode of Action:

The primary target of action of COMFORTIS chewable tablets in insects is an activation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors nAChRs. Spinosad does not interact with known insecticidal binding sites of other nicotinic or GABAergic insecticides such as neonicotinoids, fiproles, milbemycins, avermectins, and cyclodienes. Insects treated with spinosad show involuntary muscle contractions and tremors resulting from activation of motor neurons. Prolonged spinosad-induced hyperexcitation results in prostration, paralysis, and flea death. The selective toxicity of spinosad between insects and vertebrates may be conferred by the differential sensitivity of the insect versus vertebrate nAChRs.


Store at 20-25°C 68 -77°F, excursions permitted between 15 to 30°C 59 to 86°F.

How Supplied:

COMFORTIS chewable tablets are available in six flavored tablet sizes: 90, 140, 270, 560, 810 or 1620 mg. Each tablet size is available in color-coded packages of 6 tablets. Elanco