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Urine Away-Pet Urine Eliminator is a fast and effective permanent solution to pet urine odor and stains.
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Urine Away Pet Urine Eliminator 16oz soaker
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Urine Away Spray 8 oz


* Permanent resolution from pet urine odor and stains
* Fast, easy and effective
* Works at the molecular level
* Safe, non-toxic, non-irritating
* Biodegradable
* Effectively eliminates the odor regardless of what has been used before
* Works even after detergents or disinfectants have been used
* Proprietary triple-action formula keeps odors from coming back
* Effective with both dog and cat urine

How does Urine Away work?

All urine odors are caused by molecules that emit vapor.  Many products attempt to control  odors, but none of them eliminate odors  
like Urine Away.

Urine Away permanently eliminates odors in 4 ways.

#1. Bonds and captures malodorous molecules within seconds of application to neutralize them permanently.
#2. Absorbs malodorous substances into its molecular structure to permanently eliminate odor.
#3. Counteracts odors at the molecular level.  Utilizes the natural ability of certain pairs of molecules to neutralize each other.
#4. Prevents malodors caused by further biological breakdown and molecular reactivation.

Anatomy of a frustrating experience:

1.The pet owner discovers urine on the carpet
2.First, they try to get rid of urine stains and odors with a detergent or stain remover
3.Once urine decay begins and the masking agent evaporates, the odor returns
4.Next, they try an odor remover, often a bacterial enzyme product
5.But since a detergent has been used, the enzymes are useless
6.The odor comes back- and the pet owner is more frustrated than ever!

With Urine Away there's no need for urine pre-treatment products, masking agents, slow-acting enzyme deodorants or other methods.  Just apply and let dry.

How to use Urine Away:

1. Remove excess urine from area being treated
2. Apply urine away directly to the affected area and  allow it to dry.

For best results, apply liberal amount of Urine Away to ensure it comes in contact with all the odor molecules from the urine.  The amount of Urine Away used needs to be equal to the amount of pet urine.

Note: urine can spread in sub-flooring and carpet padding and wick up vertical surfaces.  Spot test in inconspicuous area before using.

For dogs with inappropriate urination due to stress-related behavior issues, it is recommended to use D.A.P.Dog Appeasing Pheromone in combination  with behavior modification.

D.A.P. is a registered trademark and Urine Away is a trademark of Ceva Animal Health, Inc. Please visit www.ceva-us.com/cahi or www.feliway.com/us