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Become a Partner at VetApprovedRx

Want to reclaim your lost profit from your clients' online pet pharmacy purchases!

How much more profit could your clinic make if I could show you a way to keep most of the profit generated by your clients' online pet medication purchases? My name is Barry Miller DVM, I am a Veterinarian that has owned and operated a small animal hospital in Memphis, Tennessee for 10 years. As a business owner and Veterinarian, I have grown increasingly concerned over the Online Pet Medication Industry. For the following reasons:
  • Did you know that, online pet pharmacies make well over $220 Million dollars per year, this is money that used to be part of the Veterinarians income
  • Most Veterinarian pharmacy sales help cushion profits so that Veterinarians can keep fees more affordable for their clients.
  • Most online Pet pharmacies are owned and operated by Pharmacists not Veterinarians.
  • As a practice owner I realized that I was not only losing money from pet product online purchases but it was costing me money and time as my staff, free of charge to the online pet pharmacy, took time to locate records, and fax the prescription verifications.
I am reaching out to you because I want to help you reclaim profit from your clients' recent online pet medication purchases and all subsequent online purchases. We are like no other online pet medication website! I am not asking you to spend or invest money or create your own website store. Our process is simple and requires little time from you or your staff.
  1. When you receive an online pet medication verification from any online site, have a staff member call the client and suggest that as their Veterinarian you are responsible for the pets medication and recommend VetApprovedRx as their source for online pet medications. Although they have already placed their order with the other company they will not be charged since the verification process has not been successfully completed. We offer an incentive to your clients for their first purchase. We monitor the major pet medication sites to insure we have competitive prices. With the added incentive we have had a 3 out of 4 success rate for converting the sale. Or you can pass the information on to us and we will be happy to assist with this process.
  2. You can also simply phone the client and ask them to use VetApprovedRx and forward the information to us and we will contact the owner and take care of the processing.
If your client purchases a product from online pharmacies you lose money and it wastes you and your staff’s time. If your client purchases from VetApprovedRx you make most of the profit and you will continue to benefit financially by the clients continued online purchases at VetApprovedRx. Some clients purchase medications online even if the price is more. They are persuaded by advertising and promotions. As Veterinarians we must reclaim our clinics pharmacy or be subject to online pharmacies controlling our veterinary pharmacies. At VetApprovedRx we help increase compliance by sending emails and promotions at timely intervals; for example if a client purchases 6 months of a heartworm product we will send an email at the 6 month purchase anniversary. We do this for all products purchased.

As a Veterinarian I understand you want to provide the best options for your clients, and we understand the important relationship between Veterinarians and their clients. We provide excellent customer service and care for your clients. Please Call and visit our website www.VetApprovedRx.com. I look forward to helping you regain the profit you have lost to these online pharmacies. I would like to discuss with you any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for your time and hard work in caring for our pets.

Want to learn more?

Contact us by phone at 1-877-847-7389 or email info@VetApprovedRx.com.