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Optixcare Eye Lubricant, the number-one selling ocular lubricant to veterinary ophthalmologists across North America, is a moisturizing ophthalmic lubricant in a unique carbomer gel that is specifically designed for veterinary use. Carbomer gel is a well-known stabilizer that promotes adhesion to the surface of the eye and has extender-like properties. When applied to the eye, the carbomer gel swells in the presence of NaCl within tears and changes consistency to a clear, water-like suspension over the surface of the eye.
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* Rapidly disperses to protect the cornea and conjunctiva 
* Clings to the surface of the eye to ease the discomfort of dry eye 
* Helps to prevent ocular dehydration during anesthesia 
* Provides long-lasting lubrication for improved patient comfort and client compliance 
* For use in dogs and cats


For use as an eye lubricant during anesthesia and as adjunctive support to dry eyes.


Dry Eyes: Instill 1-2 drops in both eyes, two to three times a day or as often as recommended by your veterinarian.


Sterile water, sorbitol, carbomer, sodium hydroxide. Preserved with disodium EDTA and cetrimide.

For animal use only. If animal experiences discomfort, or irritation of the eye, discontinue use and consult your veterinarian. Contents sterile until cap removed. To avoid contamination of the tube and contents avoid touching the eye or any other surface with the tip. Recap after use. Discard open tube after 30 days. Store at room temperature.