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Allerpet D for Dogs is formulated specifically for dogs and for people who are allergic to dogs. Cleanses the hair of dander, saliva, and sebaceous gland secretions, the antigens considered to be the prime causes of allergic reactions to dogs. Non-toxic and completely safe to use on puppies
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12 oz bottle
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*  Allerpet Solution is non-toxic, non-oily, and safe for both cats and dogs.
*  This is a damp wash and not a shampoo.


The first application of Allerpet can usually be done by the allergic person, however, if he or she is very sensitive, it is better to have it performed by someone else.
If your pet is small enough, especially if it is a cat, let it lay on your lap on a terrycloth towel where it will feel secure.
Use a fine or medium toothed comb for cats and a pin or slicker brush for dogs to remove as much dead hair as possible. Break apart any mats or tangles.
Wet a washcloth with just enough Allerpet to make it damp, but not enough to drip when lightly squeezed.
Use Allerpet/C for cats to cleanse the animal by running the cloth both with and against the lay of the hair, making certain to get down to the skin. Pay close attention to the areas that pets lick most often . . . especially around the genitalia and the base of the tail where urine residue tends to collect.

Subsequent applications should be applied once a week as descibed above.
It is safe to use Allerpet more often if necessary.
Brushing or combing is not necessary before every application, but all dogs and cats should be kept free of tangles and dead hair for both your health and your pet's.
Concerned care is part of responsible pet ownership.

Alternative 1: Bathing your pet is an alternative to using Allerpet. It will definitely help, but is usually not as effective because of the needed preparations and the experience necessary to properly give a bath, but especially the knowledge of how to rinse the animal thoroughly. The need to go through this process on a weekly basis is a necessity, particularly in the case of cats. Weekly bathing without conditioning tends to dry out the coat and leave excessive dander after a period of time. Over-conditioning oils the coat, attracting dirt and allergens. A big advantage of Allerpet is that you can apply it while watching TV or just relaxing. Cats and small dogs love the grooming.

Alternative 2: You should keep in mind that any professional groomer will brush, bathe and/or apply Allerpet to your cat or dog. You don&rsquot need to own a &lsquogroomable&rsquo dog or cat to patronize them. Consider using one periodically between your daily groomings. This is a normal service, and the costs are small. You might even ask to have your pet&rsquos nails cut and ears cleaned at the same time.