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Clemastine is a long-lasting over-the-counter antihistamine used to treat the symptoms of allergies in pets.

Brand Name:

Tavist Novartis, Dayhist Major
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2.68 mg 100 count bottle
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1.34 mg 100 count bottle

Dosage and Administration:

Dogs/Puppies of all weights:
1/2 - 1 tablet every 12 hours

Cats/Kittens of all weights:
1/2 tablet every 12 hours


Use with caution when given with sedatives or tranquilizers.
Use with caution in animals with prostate or bladder conditions, sever cardiac failure or glaucoma.
Use with caution when given to pregnant or nursing animals.
Do not use in animals that are allergic to it.

Possible Side Effects:

Side effects of Clemastine vary with cats and dogs.

In dogs it's most commonly sedation, hyperactivity, and dry mouth.
In cats, diarrhea is most common.

The side effects of clemastine in dogs are sedation, paradoxical hyperactivity, and dryness of the mouth.