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HomeoPet Skin Seborrhea  is a homeopathic remedy provides relief from the symptoms of skin conditions causing smelly skin and ears, dull, greasy coat and dandruff.
May be used as an adjunct treatment in mange.
Also can be used to support treatment of eczema, pyoderma, and chronic itching.
For use in most small mammals. Natural organic ingredients in 20% USP alcohol in purified water:
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Natural organic ingredients in 20% USP alcohol in purified water:

Arsenicum Album 6c & 30c
Calcarea Carbonicum 6c & 30c
Graphites 6c & 30c
Staphysagria 6c & 30c
Sulphur 6c & 30c


Use 3 single doses daily to start and cut back with improvement of symptoms to twice daily and eventually once daily.
Remedy may be discontinued when symptoms are no longer present.
For persisten skin conditions, Skin & Sehorrhea may be used in conjunction with Skin & Itch Relief to obtain maximum results.
Remedies may be dosed together at half recommended dose each so that combined, pet is getting one full dose.

Pet Type Weight Daily Dosage

Dogs/Cats Under 20 lbs / 10 kg     5 drops Dog
20 - 100 lbs / 10 - 50 kg             10 drops
Dogs Over 100 lbs / 50 kg            15 drops