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PetVisionPro Lubricating Eye Drops provide a high level of lubrication for the relief of Dry Eye Syndrome and eye irritation in cats and dogs. PetVisionPro works to dissolve the glycated proteins in the eye lens helping to reduce incipient cataracts and immature cataracts when a tapetal reflection is still visible and nuclear sclerosis.
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8 ml bottle
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It is important to follow the manufacturers instructions for application of this product.
It is important to keep the tip of the bottle clean do not let it touch your hands or pet's eye.

Apply 2 -3 drops in the affected eye or eyes  2 -3 times daily for a minimum of 30 days. Typically you will begin to see results after the use of the first package of PetVisionPro.


Active Ingredients:Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium Lubricant 0.5%, Sterile Water Opthalmic Grade Isotonic Solution pH 6.8 0.2. Antioxidants 4% Benzalkonium Cl Preservative 0.01%.


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