Busy Buddy Gnawhide Rings - Rawhide  Pack of 16

These delicious chew treats are designed to fit select Busy Buddy® Bouncy Bone&trade and Bristle Bone® toys. They also make great treats for everyday rewards.
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Item# Size/Desc Qty Price
16 pieces Rawhide: Small/A fits Small Bouncy Bone
Save $3.00!  
16 Piece Rawhide: Medium/B fits Medium Bouncy Bone
Save $2.00!
16 Piece Rawhide: Large/C fits Medium/Large and Large Bouncy Bone
Save $4.00!

Choosing the Correct Size:

The Small [A]refills fit the Small Bouncy Bone Toys
The Medium[B] refills fit Medium Bouncy Bone Toys
The Large[C] refills fit the Medium/Large and Large Bouncy Bone/Toys


rawhide, glycerin, and non animal based flavor

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