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Animal Odor Eliminator [AOE] Deodorizing Wipes These wipes are designed to assist in the cleanup of odors caused by urine and feces from accidents and procedures in the clinic and home. Thornell Odorcides® permanently eliminate malodors rather than just masking them. Thornell products work on contact to eliminate the complete range of companion animal odors.
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80 Wipes
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Safe and soothing cleanup directly on the pet: paws, faces, ears, anals, etc.
Clean and deodorize with each application
Ready-to-use cleaning and deodorizing for accident areas
Great for cleaning cages for small animals and birds
Available in an 80-count self-dispensing tub


To eliminate animal odors from anal and other glandular secretions. For use directly the pet, on cages, counter tops and flooring for general clean-up. Safe for use on animals and other areas for clean-up and deodorization. AOE Deodorizing Wipes work chemically through bonding, absorption and counteraction. AOE Deodorizing Wipes contains inhibitors to control odors caused by further biological organic decomposition putrefaction, and residuals that re-activate after the initial application to combat and prevent odors. AOE Deodorizing Wiped are used principally for expressed anal glands, ear cleaning and wetting accidents in examining and waiting rooms. They are frequently dispensed for home use for general clean-up of cages and litter boxes.

Dosage and Administration:

Use directly on the source of the odor. If the odor persists after use the source of the odor has not been reached. Re-apply.


AOE Deodorizing Wipes has an indefinite shelf life.


Although safe, as with all chemicals they should be kept out of the reach of children. For external use only. When used on fabrics always spot test for color fastness.

Presentation: 80 count - 7&rdquo x 8&rdquo wipes per dispensing tub.

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