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Derma GeL Spray  is an isotonic formulation of an exclusive blend of titrated botanical extracts that is indicated for intensive and rapid skin care in small animals and horses. It ensures a uniform porous barrier of protection against bacterial attack and foreign contaminants to prevent desiccation and maintain an ideal percentage of moisture. Bandaging the affected area is therefore not required. The gel form is indicated as a multipurpose healing dressing. The spray form is mainly indicated for an easy management of superficial lesions such as post-operative traumas i.e., stitches.
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50 cc
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Promotes rapid, problem-free wound healing
Maintains 97% cell viability
Creates a long-term moist environment
Certified non-mutagenic and non-cytogenotoxic

Directions for use:

Daily cleanse the affected area with warm water or a saline solution, so as to preserve epithelial cells from irritation.
Apply Veterinus Derma GeL® generously several times a day, as needed. To help prevent skin proliferation, extend application to the surrounding area.


Derma Gel® is totally devoid of toxic or prohibited substances. It is safe to use in competition, during gestation, when licked...


Titr. Polysaccharides Pyrus Sorbus extr. Centella Asiatica titr. extr. Calendula Officinalis titr. extr. Salvia Officinalis extr. Thymus Vulgaris extr. Origanum Majorana extr. Lavandula Officinalis extr. Propylene Glycol Hydrogenated Castor Oil Sodium Bicarbonate Glycerin Alcohol Aqua Purificata Carbomer for the gel form.