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Enalapril is used to treat mild, moderate, or severe heart failure and high blood pressure, and is usually used in combination with other medications. 

This product requires a prescription
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**Note: This product requires a veterinarian's prescription to purchase.At checkout you will need to provide your veterinarian's FAX or email address. We will then send him or her a prescription verification that he or she will need to sign and return before we can ship you this product.

Product Uses

Enalapril is an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, used to reduce blood pressure and treat fluid retention and heart disease in humans. It is occasionally employed by veterinarians to treat heart disease and high blood pressure in dogs and cats. This product is not licensed for use in animals. It is similar to the product Enacard, which is licensed for use in animals.

Product Contains


Dosage and Administration

The recommended starting dose of the animal-registered product in dogs is 0.5 mg/kg administered orally once daily with or without food. If an adequate response is not seen within 2 weeks, the dosing frequency may be increased to twice daily for a total daily dose of 1 mg/kg, or earlier if indicated by worsening signs of heart failure are seen. Dogs should be observed closely for 48 hours following initial dosing or after increasing the dosing frequency for signs of decreased blood pressure, such as weakness or depression. In addition, kidney function should be monitored closely before and for the first week after starting treatment, particularly when used in conjunction with a diuretic, as this combination may lead to kidney compromise due to a decrease in kidney blood flow.

Warnings, Side Effects and Drug Interactions

The animal-registered product may be used concomitantly with other therapies for the treatment of heart failure in dogs, including furosemide, digoxin, antiarrhythmics, beta-blockers, bronchodilators, cough suppressants and sodium-restricted diets for the treatment of heart failure in dogs, however the safety when used concomitantly with other cardiovascular drugs e.g., vasodilators has not been established. The safety of enalapril in breeding dogs has not been established and it is not recommended in pregnant females.

Adverse reactions seen with the animal-registered product have been possibly attributable to co-treatment with diuretics and digoxin and to the disease process itself. Those most commonly seen include: excessive drinking and urination, depression, lethargy, anorexia, decreased activity, diarrhea and vomiting.

Should any signs of intolerance to enalapril occur in your pet, discontinue therapy and contact your veterinarian for advice.


Store at a controlled room temperature between 59-86°F 15-30°C.


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