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Sentinel 51-100 lbs: Heartworm Prevention For Dogs -VetApprovedRx.com
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SENTINEL Flavor Tabs are the only monthly oral preventive that guards against heartworms and fleas as well as adult roundworms, adult hookworms and whipworms.
Just one tablet, once a month with a meal, gives your dog the most complete protection possible.

  • Sentinel may be given along with Capstar, which treats flea infestation.

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**Note: This product requires a veterinarian's prescription to purchase.At checkout you will need to provide your veterinarian's FAX or email address. We will then send him or her a prescription verification that he or she will need to sign and return before we can ship you this product.

*As with other heartworm preventatives, pets must be tested for heartworms prior to using Sentinel Flavor Tabs.

*Sentinel may be given along with Capstar, which treats flea infestation.


  • The only oral medicine that prevents heartworm
    disease and fleas
  • Serious protection against the three most common intestinal worms
  • Beef-flavored tablets that are eagerly accepted by most dogs
  • Convenient once a month oral preventive and safe for households with children


    SENTINEL Flavor Tabs have been proven effective against five major parasites. They are effective in preventing heartworm disease and are also approved for the removal and control of adult roundworms and whipworms and for the control of adult hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum). In a 3-year study, the ingredient in SENTINEL Flavor Tabs that protects against fleas, demonstrated 99% effectiveness in preventing flea populations.

    How to Use Sentinel Flavor Tabs:

    Give your dog SENTINEL Flavor Tabs once a month.
    Always give SENTINEL Flavor Tabs with or immediately following a meal, to ensure proper absorption.
    SENTINEL Flavor Tabs have a great beefy taste your dog will love.

    Administer Sentinel Flavor Tabs according to your pet's current weight, there are four convenient packages based on weight.

    Pet's Weight            Package Color

    2-10lbs                       Brown
    11-25lbs                     green
    26-50lbs                     yellow
    51-100lbs                    grey


    SENTINEL Flavor Tabs have been tested to satisfy FDA requirements (NADA #141-084, Approved by FDA.) They have been used by millions of dogs around the world, and are even safe for puppies 4 weeks and older, weighing 2 pounds or greater. As with other heartworm preventives, dogs must be tested for heartworm prior to using SENTINEL Flavor Tabs. In a small percentage of dogs treated with SENTINEL Flavor Tabs, digestive, neurologic and skin side effects may occur.  

    The safety of the concurrent use of SENTINEL Flavor Tabs and CAPSTAR Tablets in pregnant or nursing dogs or in puppies less than 11 weeks of age has not been demonstrated.

    Adverse Reactions:

    The following adverse reactions have been reported in dogs after giving SENTINEL Flavor Tabs: vomiting,

    depression/lethargy, pruritus, urticaria, diarrhea, anorexia, skin congestion, ataxia, convulsions,

    hypersalivation and weakness.


      • Flea infestations have been found from December to February in 46 states.
      • Heartworm-transmitting mosquitoes can be found indoors, even in cooler climates.
      • Roundworms and hookworms can be passed from pets to family members.
      • Whipworms affect one in seven dogs but are difficult to detect without centrifugation.

    Sentinel is manufactured by and is a registered trademark of Novartis.  The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only and is intended to be a supplement to, and not a substitute for, the expertise and professional judgment of your veterinarian. We reference Novartis as the source for our information, you may research this product further at the Novartis webpage: http://www.ah.novartis.com/products/en/sentinel_dog.shtml.  You should always consult your own veterinarian for specific advice concerning the diagnosis, and treatment of your pet. As stated the information provided is for educational purposes to aid you in purchasing your pet's medication, it is not a substitute for a veterinary exam, nor does this information suggest that this medication will be tolerated by your pet or that your pet will not experience side effects.
    Note: Any trademarks are the property of their respective companies.